The goal of is to provide invaluable and unparalleled analysis of various Equity Markets, Individual Stocks, ETFs, Crypto, and other assets classes. The main purpose is to provide others with actionable market information in order to profit. The main method used for any given analysis is by applying Elliot’s Wave Principles and Fibonacci Sequences. The two methods combined correctly can make extremely accurate price-action prediction and the expected time-frame of when the move is expected to occur

The services that will launch soon..

  • Wave Theory & Fibonacci Analysis of a given security by members request
  • Market Analysis (SP 500/Dow/NASDAQ/Crypto)
  • Sector Analysis (Healthcare/Industrial, ETC.)
  • Emerging Markets Commentary
  • Crypto/Blockchain Technology Analysis
  • 1-1 Trade Coaching
  • Trade ideas
  • Wave Theory Lessons
  • Potential Market Catalyst
  • Key Fibonacci Time-frames
  • Fibonacci Spirals
  • User Packages
    • Basic
    • Basic+
    • Advanced
    • Ultimate
    • Custom Analysis Detailed. Reliable. Real-Time. Executable Trading Plans.

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