– Always Watching strives to build a community devoted to Wave Theory and Fibonacci technical analysis which will enable members to make profitable trades on a consistent basis. The Humble Watcher’s goal is for to be the best Technical Analysis shop on Wall Street. In order to build the community and website properly I will be leaving my current job. If you enjoy my work or would like to contribute to this project please make donations to the BTC Address at the bottom of the page. The planned website launch date is March 5th, 2019.

The expected minimum cost for is estimated to be $2,000. will provide:

-Technical Analysis of Indices, Forex, Stocks, Digital Assets, and Commodities.

-Trades: Options, Longs, Shorts

-User requested analyses

-Technical Analysis Education

-Trading Education

-Community Forums

-Tiered Service Packages

If you do contribute please fill out the contact form. Whoever does contribute will be recognized for their contribution.





The Humble Watcher