The Humble Watcher


The Humble Watcher, aka, Andrew Brenton was born and raised in Roanoke, Va. Andrew studied Business Management at James Madison University and at Virginia Tech. He received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management with a concentration in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. While attending school, Andrew worked as a Client Associate at Merrill Lynch performing portfolio reviews and analysis for clients. After graduating, Andrew moved to the Washington D.C. Metro area with his wife and two daughters Eva and Sofia. Most recently, Andrew worked as a Financial Advisor for Mutual of Omaha to help others reach their financial goals.

The Humble Watcher character was born from the love of charts and producing highly detailed technical analysis. I stumbled upon what is known in the Technical Analysis community as Elliot Waves. Elliot Waves implements a variety of Fibonacci Levels for price-action retracement and extensions. But, I noticed that there was a lack of educational materiel on how to apply Fibonacci Sequences in others ways like Trend-Based Fibonacci Time Extensions, Fibonacci Trend Channels, and etc.

After further research of Wave Theory and Fibonacci Sequences; I have made a goal to develop a trading system that uses these two trading methods in order to predict price-action to a high degree. The goal of is to provide others with consistently profitable trades. I hope you join me in this journey!

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