Technological Revolution is Now – Part 1

Decentralization – Nuclear Fusion – Hybrid Aerospace Craft

Date: 5/9/2020

By: The Humble Watcher

The world is quickly on the approach to a technological revolution. The technological revolution will impact almost every business industry and will ultimately lead to fundamental changes in societal behaviors. The main forces of this revolution are decentralization, nuclear fusion, and hybrid aerospace craft.

First is decentralization. What does decentralization mean? The definition of decentralization states, a “process of redistributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority”. So, what is going to be decentralized? Decentralization will touch almost every aspect of everyday life such as banking, utilities, accounting, voting, big data, social media, housing, and etc. How will decentralization occur? Blockchains/Protocols. Blockchains are secure, immutable ledgers and can have protocols or software running on the chain.

An example of this would be a new start-up social media company called Twetch. Twetch is the exact opposite of Twitter’s business model. Twetch is powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain. A user of Twetch must pay to ‘Twetch’. Twetch uses micro-payments of approximately $0.02 cents for each ‘Twetch’. Twitter allows users to tweet for free. But, Twitter collects your data and then sells your data to advertisers and third parties. Twetch believes that users are the OWNERS of their data. When someone likes, follows, comments on a users’ ‘Twetch’ you receive a micro-payment.

Decentralization will have the greatest affect on the following industries:

  • Banking/Finance
  • Software/Services
  • Social Media
  • Energy
  • Government

Twetch Website:

FibMarketWatch’s Twetch: $FibMarketWatch

Example of Micro-payments

Impacted Industries

Impacted Industries

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