“Significant Risk to International Monetary System”

US offers $5 Million for information regarding North Korean Hackers

Observed tactics include:

      • Attacks and thefts from banks and other financial entities
      • Attacks and thefts from cryptocurrency exchanges
      • Cryptojacking operations — where North Korean hackers compromise servers worldwide to mine cryptocurrency
      • Various types of extortion campaigns, such as:

    – Compromising an entity’s network and threatening to shut it down unless the victim pays a ransom

    • – Getting paid to hack websites on behalf of third-party clients, and then extorting the targets

US officials say a lot of these attacks have targeted the financial sector, from where North Korean hackers have stolen funds in excess of $2 billion, which have been laundered back into the hermit kingdom.

The US says these hacks are now posing “a significant threat to the integrity and stability of the international financial system.”

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