Let the Fibonacci Magic Begin…

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Let the Fibonacci Magic Begin…

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Website currently under-construction…

View Sample Work here: Wave Theory & Fibonacci Technical Analysis

FibMarketWatch.com will provide:

  • Highly detailed technical analysis by applying Wave Theory and Fibonacci Sequences 
  • Education about Elliot Wave Theory and Fibonacci Sequences
    • Trend-Based  Extensions
    • Fibonacci Trend-Based  Time
    • Fibonacci Spirals
    • Fibonacci Channels
    • Wave Sequence Counts
    • Corrective Sequence Counts
    • Tick Wave Counts
    • Leading Diagonals
    • Ending Diagonals
    • Irregular Corrections
    • Complex Corrections
  • Daily Trade ideas
    • Shorts
    • Longs
    • Options
  • Market commentary
    • Potential Catalyst: Earnings, Market Events, Etc.
  • Coaching (1-1)
    • Learn how to count waves
    • Learn how to use waves to provide preferred entry and exit points
    • Learn how to enter and exit trades
  • Tiered Subscriptions
    • Basic – 1 Free Analysis – Access Analyses
    • Advanced – 5 Free Analysis Access Analyses
    • Ultimate – 1-1 Coaching – 10 Free Analysis – Access Analyses
  • Strategic Portfolios
    • Growth
    • Income

Sample work: https://www.tradingview.com/u/TheHumbleWatcher/

Please feel free to comment or add your name to the list for memberships. All will be notified when the website is launched.


If you would like to contribute to this project please contribute via:

BTC Address: 1LiPiqJtU9v6x2o61eYyb19foDtY4NtyS2

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